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As a moderator, Frank Harrison is known for his improvisational style that gets results while allowing clients to make changes on the fly.  Equally capable of coming across as a peer to both HCPs and patients, Frank keeps respondents engaged and creates a casual environment that fosters insightful discussion. He is thorough and relentless, unafraid to challenge respondents or go off script when needed. Whether it’s an in-depth discussion with a KOL about the latest advancements in cancer research, a creative thinking exercise with physicians about the challenges they face in diabetes care, or an intimate conversation with a patient about a sensitive topic, Frank excels at encouraging respondents to open up while always keeping an eye on the clock and leaving no stone unturned.

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Analysis & Reporting

We are adept at taking volumes of data and boiling them down to concise reports that tell a compelling story. We are able to draw on many years of senior level experience in the industry to distinguish what truly matters to marketing executives when distilling research findings. From quick-turnaround interim summaries to final reports that will set the foundation for marketing strategies for years to come, we pride ourselves on our ability to create thoughtful, polished, and timely deliverables.

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We have vast experience in every facet of the qualitative research process, including research design, screener creation, discussion guide development, and field management. Whether you are exploring a new methodology, trying to tap a new audience, or simply looking for a new alternative to the typical market research project, we can draw on our wealth of past experiences across a variety of topics and audiences to help you tackle your research challenges head on.

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